Blew my nose with your facebook page. I had no choice,
Dismissed your act on stage, uh what an appalling voice,
You're dragged into this? No... You're drugged, into this,
If patience pays, your pledge. It is time to earn my wage.
We could've done better if we'd rehearsed well backstage,
If not in a bottle, then, we can't hold this genie in a cage.

"If Not In A Bottle"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


Tone baharini,
Kilio, cha pili,
Chozi sakafuni,
Jichoni, pilipili.
Wazo kichwani,
Shairi, kiswahili,
Mwanzoni utani,
Tena, kisha hili,
Yaweke ukutani,
Kwani yastahili. 

A drop in the ocean,
The second cry,
A tear on the floor,
Pepper in the eye,
A thought in the head,
A poem, Swahili,
A joke at first,
Again, then this,
Put them on the wall,
They deserve it.

"Ukutani - On The Wall"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


I will take you to the Atlantic coast in, Virginia,
Will you be my 'Puella' my sweet, sweet Latina?
Ride on the sand in a cherry red, Ford Mustang,
Lick the honey on your lips, O Lord, my tongue,
I'll sip milk, from the coves, of your closed eyes,
I'll rub myself on your skin, till my shadow dies,
Sink myself into your soul, tease you to find me,
I will do all that for you as long as you love me! 

"As Long As You Love Me"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


He once met a lass, so fine,
Told himself, "I'll make her mine."
She brewed him the best honey, 
And made all his days sunny,
But would sting him like a bee. 

Had a pet name, called her, "Bee",
Played her melodies on soft piano,
Wrote her Poems, bold P, I know,
Always sung her a song, "Please, Believe",
And one day, she packed and left.

His poor heart was left, a cleft,
Got it wrong, thought it was "Bee leave",
Well, she did terribly, misunderstand,
Now he writes to make the miss understand,
His words craving for what he once felt.

"He Once Met A Lass"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

(Art Credits to the Artist)


A picture in my hands, slightly over twodecades old.  A baby tightly calm, in arms, my eyes grow wet and cold.  A tear splashes, onto a fold,on the picture's surface,onto my tiny infant face.
Taken few minutes after birth, I have always been told. With my innocent eyes closed, a tight grip on my fist hold.If I could ever have back,that moment in the picture,I would try, not to cry. I would smile back at you, mother, and high-five you, father.
You rocked me on your laps,when I couldn't shut my lips.I cried all night, you never slept. You always stood by me, and never left.Behind these grown irises of mine, you will always, forever, remain, the people who make me happy.Always, My Mummy and My Daddy.
"Mummy & Daddy"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha 


With nowhere else to go tonight,I prepare, for a familiar journey.Tonight, like all nights, I am going 'insane'.

So, I wasted away my day, packing up,stuffing my mind up with irrelevant relevance,all day kissing vipers and massaging crocodiles,that, I'll hop later, into my misery cabin, and slide down my cock-pit,get drunk on the smell of my clean duvet,and finally fly myself away into insomnia land.
I am going insane and I do not like this ride,yet, I haven't been crazy, nuts or bananas, just yet.Every time that I have to abandon my ship, they say something quite strange to me,"Good Morning..." 
Strangely, I must be the only one riding, a crazy dinosaur-ghost at night,all alone, over here.Other wise, what is good about my insanity,that you have to ask about, each and every morning?   "Insane"Drew Poetry~Andy Mwalasha


She had just landed from America,
Stepped into, my 80's Volkswagen,
Made that vintage car, a merry car,
She was like a dream folks work on,
But then, I was just, a taxi - driver,
Just a bloke, instructed to drive her.

From my driver seat,  I was drunk,
Drunk with what couldn't be mine,
Drunk driving was illegal, top rank, 
She was pure gold, out of the mine, 
But then, I was just, a taxi - driver,
She could never ever, ever be mine.

"Taxi - Driver"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha.