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I let myself off a cliff,
landed in a garden full of roses.
Times blue, heavy grief,
found smiles under our noses.

Drawing portraits of you all night,
got my brushes painting love.
Brushes down, night poetry write,
got my quill scribbling love.

If loving is wrong, am an outcast.
Promise it's life-long, am here to last.
Love knocks, ding-dong, always opens fast.
Lips ever serving a love song, this love, vast! 

"Life-long love"
-Andrew Mwalasha
Poem collection 2015


Sometimes, we feel like strands of grass caught in a crazy whirlwind. Other times, we get a calm feeling like the clouds on a sunny day. We happen to make the right choices in life but sometimes the world wants to prove us wrong for what we know is right. Simply judged by the barely open eyes the world sees us through and its dusty lens that it is deliberately reluctant to clean. The despise, dumped lost love and hearts fully soaked in hate.

However, the world is not always a crazy ill-willed monster, sometimes the monster lets us pet its fur and make fun of it. Waking up in the morning feeling like you saved the world, and smiling all throughout the day, well, one of those days you find reasons to smile at anything, anyone or any situation. Everything seemingly becomes interesting. Trees dance to the cool sugar-coated melodies of lively birds, the morning sun paints your beautiful shadow on the ground with its artistic rays, and the inner you knocks from the inside, quietly whispering…


We all get that feeling. When our dreams seem to flow so well that life feels so fresh. When the past smells so new and the present, a living gift.  The moon grins down every night as the stars playfully stick around in a scattered layout. Life gives us a friendly pat on our shoulders and grins throughout the travel. Only then, we realize the joy, the love, the smiles, the warmth that we regained when it started to snow, the courage to send blankets flying mid air on cold mornings, and the most unthinkable, the power to fight the urge of hitting the irresistible snooze button.

Oh well, behind every great start, there's a questioning mind. Think of this, waking up every morning with a sweet glimpse of the day's greatness. Where love and inspiration swiftly drive you to kiss the day as it beautifully breaks out of its shell. All that, propelled by that one grand reason, that what makes you feel reborn, loved, changed, new and happy again. Love. How incredible!

"Always believe…


Far into the galaxy, a peaceful life- like sphere has for centuries been spinning and going about its annual routine, moving around what we might term as the "Mother of Light". Its artistic, well placed blue and green patches, with some brown scattered detailing, make it stand out as the 'Mother of life". But not anymore, eliminating the distance, burning realities are revealed like the ocean sun at dawn. Wishes turn out to be worries and dreams become our worst living realities.
Out, by the countryside, enjoying the evening breeze on an old squeaky wooden chair. Memories pay my tired brain a friendly visit, and my fingers wrap around gripping hard on my coffee mug. A warm stream of ascending air from the mug brushes through my face leaving a moist coffee scented feel. I took short sips with satisfied full enjoyment on every drop down my throat, while the soft evening wind slowly flipped over my old tattered novel pages. Like all my days, i sat on the same spot every…