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I was once a butterfly fighting a whirlwind,
Thought i wouldn't fly, oh, fierce wild wind.

One coloured rainbow, painted with a crayon,
My world was so small, all i did was cry-on.

I swear, love does really make me feel so nice,
Always, all my life, have i yearned for that slice.

When you walked into my life, my love, my baby,
I promised myself, i'll be your man and your teddy.

My heart is your home, honey, you have my word,
Lets travel through life together, love's our reward.

Am that butterfly, drowning in nectar, on my rose,
My rose's sweet scent will forever please my nose.

"A Rose For The Butterfly"
Love Poems collection
-Andrew Mwalasha.


I'll be your cover, when it's cold,
Always your lover, love that's bold,
Kissing forever, fingers together fold,
Watching stars, days over, i'll ever hold.

You are a beautiful star, found you shinning in the sky,
An angel, that's who you are, brought beauty to my eye,
Poured out my love, a full jar, ever sweet with you my pie,
Sugary lips, feeling them from far, kiss me love, loosen my tie.

I will always say, "I love you", because that's how i feel,
I will always say, "I miss you", my empty heart, you fill,
I will always say, "I need you", without you, life's a raw deal,
It's true love for you, "Will you marry me", on one knee, i will kneel.

Love Poems Collection  
~Andrew Mwalasha